What is a hotel consultant’s job?

hotel breakfast with hospitality consultant

What do hotel consultants do? Their job is to provide valuable and unbiased insight to hotel owners and operators. As an owner or operator of a hotel you’re inclined to have an emotional attachment to your property; with that being said, it can sometimes be difficult to make some of the harder decisions associated with your beloved property. Maybe you had a vision that did not quite work out the way you wanted or an idea you’re hesitant to try. Hotel consultants are there to walk you through those difficult steps.

Every hotel project, development, or operational adjustment is going to be unique in its nature, therefore you want to have the ability to draw from a multitude of past experiences when you employ the help of a hotel consult. As leaders in their industry they will have expertise in multiple areas including project management, revenue management, all operational aspects, training and development of staff members, feasibility studies, hotel valuations, and SWOT analysis.

When choosing a consulting company, you’ll most certainly want to do your research. Depending on the property you have, the size, the location, and the atmosphere; it will all play into the hotel consultant you choose. Whether you are a boutique hotel in the Bahamas or a 500-room resort in the mountains, you all have the same goal. That goal is to position yourself at the forefront of your competitive set, increase profitability, and achieve the vision you have for your property.

An experienced and dedicated hotel consultant is going to have the drive and the passion to help you create a recognizable brand therefore increasing guest retention and also improving your company’s bottom line. Operating a hotel can be costly and time-consuming. Experts in the industry, our team, can you provide a cost effective and timely solution to any project, idea, or problem an operator or owner may face.

Your top priority as the operator of any hotel, resort, or club property is to provide a memorable and luxurious experience to all of your guests while also increasing revenue for your company. While your hotel or resort staff’s training may seem sufficient or above par, a hotel consultant is most likely going to have experience in Forbes, AAA, or another luxury five star atmosphere from which they can pull relevant knowledge to engrain these standards into your staff. This training is not only going to increase the knowledge and the service levels of your staff, it is also going to drive guest retention and brand recognition.

A large part of hotel operations can involve software or some form of internet technology. Any experienced advisor is going to have a wealth of knowledge across many platforms. When you are spending tens of thousands of dollars on an operating system, CRM, or payroll platform you want to know that it is going to work and that it will improve functionality across your company. A consultant is going to walk you through the process of choosing the right system and guide you in a direction that is going to benefit all aspects of your operation.

Lastly, they will be there to spearhead your marketing efforts. A property’s digital presence is a huge part of marketing these days and you want to position yourself correctly to catch as much traffic as possible. Whether it be search engine optimization, paid marketing ads, or social media; they are going to be able to best advise how to capture market share.

Maybe instead of hiring those six people, you contract that one hotel consultant.

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